Active Reading in the Content Areas

The “Knowing‐Doing Gap”: Finding a way to bridge the gap between what we KNOW about good instruction and what we DO in our classrooms. The degree to which we are able to implement best practices in the classroom in a thoughtful, meaningful way determines how well our students perform.

5 Components of an Engaging Lesson
1. One or two daily outcomes (objectives)
2. Two EVERYDAY instructional strategies
  • Chunking
  • Student Discussion
3. Connected Before, During, and After literacy strategies
4. Four steps to explicit instruction: "I Do", "We Do", "Ya'll Do", "You Do"
5. Active Literacy: T.W.I.R.L! (Talk, Write, Investigate, Read, Listen)

Expository Text Structures
"When understood, text structures and signal words help readers make sense of texts. They do so, in part, by freeing working memory so that the reader focuses on comprehension. The goal IS NOT for students to simply name the structure, but rather for the students to learn to USE structures and signals as a memory tool and study guide" (Fisher, Frey, & Lapp, 2009).

Signal Word Posters for Each Structure
Signal Words-Cause and Effect
Signal Words-Compare and Contrast
Signal Words-Description/List
Signal Words-Problem and Solution
Signal Words-Question and Answer
Signal Words-Sequence

Text Structure Examples and Graphic Organizers to organize students' thinkingText Structure ChartText Structure WorkmatText feature-type-structure posterSignal Words and Questions ChartText Structure Examples-ActivityText Structure SortText features and structures resourcesMORE Test Structure Resources
CSR Strategy
CSR Strategy Description- overview and implementation procedures
CSR-Powerpoint for Teachers- powerpoint created for sharing the CSR Strategy with teachers
CSR Learning Log- blackline master/student response form of learning log used during CSR Strategy
CSR Prompt cards- blackline masters of prompt cards to be used to guide students in their discussion
CSR Scorekeeper- scorekeeper prompt card (additional job if needed)

Test Reading
UNRRAVELD- explanation of each step of the strategy and how it helps students
UNRRAVELD ppt- powerpoint slides that explains each step and how it can help students with test reading
RUNNERS- another mneumonic device that support test reading engagment

Strategies for Online Reading
Strategies for Online Reading

Active Reading StrategiesStudent Response StrategiesUsing Response CardsKagan-Structures