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When selecting a text for your students, ask yourself:What is it that I want my students to get out of reading this?’ Pleasure? Vocabulary? Theme? Plot? Character analysis? Writer’s technique?


The different purposes for reading poetry

To make the point to your students that setting the purpose is important have half the class read and the other half read scrolling down to the bottom of the document first to see what their purpose will be. Have them highlight the key points keeping the purpose in mind, then compare with a classmate who read the other version. How did the purpose for reading change what they remembered from the piece?

Strategies for Setting the Purpose

When Teachers Set the Purpose

Anticipation Reaction Guides

When Students Set the Purpose
The ultimate goal should be for students to learn how to set their own purpose for reading.
They might...
o Preview the text
o KWL Want to be less structured? Try…
o Sticky notes
o Questioning
o Self monitoring (Always thinking while reading)

To give my students a purpose for reading independently I ask them to write a weekly reading response and post it on my website for others to read.

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